A graphic with the night sky made to look like it's been painted in watercolor. There are white and yellow stars across the sky. In the middle, there is a grey moon with faded dinosaur tracks on the surface. Two medium toned hands with blue nail polish tha

DINOSAUR ON THE MOON is a devised, multidisciplinary, theatrical experiment that explores the relationships between ourselves, our pasts, and our futures through the stories of our real and dreamt “elders” – those who came before us, those who survived, and those who did not. Drawing from the creators’ collective identities, experiences, and backgrounds, DINOSAUR ON THE MOON imagines mythologies of ourselves and our communities that are full of joy, healing, and belonging.Content Warnings
This play alludes to trauma, mental illness, physical/emotional abuse, oppression, discrimination, and suicide. Please do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself. If you would like more information to help determine if this is a show for you, please reach out to [email protected].
This performance will be fully captioned. The piece also utilizes movement and non-language-based storytelling and includes moments of optional, consent-based audience response.


White text on a navy background. Dinosaur on the Moon. Scenes. On the Moon. Secret. Dream. Josephine. After the Fall.
Dinosaur on the Moon was produced, designed, and devised by Jurassic Satellite. Jurassic Satellite Team. Abi Walls. Ariel Fay Gray. Dillon Heape. Natalie Kane. Sandy Lam.
A picture of a crescent moon with three stars. The text below it reads: On the Moon. Written by Natalie Kane. Directed by Dillon Heape. Past played by Natalie Kane. Future played by Sandy Lam.
A picture of an open journal with scribbled words on it. The text below it reads: Secret. Written by Abi Walls. Directed by Sandy Lam. Me played by Abi Walls. Lou played by Dillon Heape.
A picture of two clouds. The text below it reads: Dream. Written by Ariel Fay Gray. Directed by Ariel Fay Gray. Ariel played by Ariel Fay Gray. Willy played by Abi Walls.
A picture of a crystal ball. The text below it reads: Josephine. Written by Dillon Heape. Directed by Natalie Kane. Dillon played by Abi Walls. Josephine played by Dillon Heape.
A picture of person falling upside-down. The text below it reads: After the Fall. Written by Sandy Lam. Directed by Abi Walls. Summoner played by Sandy Lam. Caller played by Natalie Kane.
White text on a navy background. Credits. Line Producer. Natalie Kane. Stage Manager. Harper Lee. Movement Choreographer. Natalie Kane. Projection Artists. Dillon Heape, Sandy Lam. Video Editor (Dream.) Ariel Fay Gray. Graphic Designer. Sandy Lam. Opening

Jurassic Satellite

JURASSIC SATELLITE is the multidisciplinary theatre ensemble behind the creation of DINOSAUR ON THE MOON.

A portrait of Abi Walls. Headshot of a mixed race genderqueer person with short brown hair and green eyes against a grey background, wearing a green sweater.

Abi Walls

Abi Walls (they/them) is a writer, director, producer, and stage manager who - in addition to these many hats - juggles balls, pins, and pastry knives. Some of their favorite projects include directing Gary Henderson’s Skin Tight, producing the devised interactive horror performance Drip, and their short play in-memory, which was recently produced in the Riot Act Theatre New Play Festival. Abi holds a BA in Theatre from Colorado College, and is a founding ensemble member of Jurassic Satellite, as well as a member of the WTFringeLab23 Directing&Producing cohort. @abi.walls

A smiling light-skin multiracial woman with long wavy rainbow hair and large round dark glasses in a black shirt standing in front of a white wall.

Ariel Fay Gray

Ariel (she/her) is a multi-racial moon child, mom-ager and performer. This is her 3rd season with The National WTF! Typically behind the scenes as a Stage Manager, in-person and virtually, Ariel performed in The National WTF’s The Momversations Project Summer 2022; centering on the bittersweet experience of marginalized pregnant bodies and parent artists. In addition to working as the WTFringe23 Production Manager, Ariel is excited to explore the moon producing, directing, and performing as a member of the WTFringeLab23’s outrageously RAWR-some cohort, Jurassic Satellite.

A portrait of Dillon Heape, a genderqueer person with curly red hair, metallic nails & wearing a teal velvet top, looking at the camera against a green backdrop, their head resting in their hands.

Dillon Heape

Dillon Heape (they/them) is a genderqueer actor, musician, writer, director & photographer based in New York City / Lenapehoking. They write for the Webby Award-winning podcast F*CKING SOBER: THE FIRST 90 DAYS. Dillon has toured Japan twice as a principal vocalist in DISNEY ON CLASSIC with The Orchestra Japan. They hold an MFA in Acting from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, where they're also an instructor in the Professional Development Training program. Dillon is a member of the WTFringeLab23 Directing/Producing cohort & a proud founding ensemble member of Jurassic Satellite. @dillonheape

A portrait of Natalie Kane. White woman with brown hair and green eyes, photographed outdoors wearing a blazer.

Natalie Kane

Natalie Kane (she/her) is a New York-based director, stage manager, and all-around theatremaker passionate about sharing new and reinvented stories with heightened language and innovative movement at their core. Favorite directing credits include Zig-Zag (Premiere the Play podcast), Athena (NeverDark reading), and The Winter’s Tale (Evergreen Theatre Collective). In varied artistic and literary roles, she has worked on recent seasons at Roundabout Theatre Company, Gloucester Stage, Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, and National Playwrights Conference. Natalie is a proud alumna of Kenyon College and National Theater Institute. She is tremendously grateful to her WTFringe Lab co-devisers for their creativity, bravery, and support throughout this process, and for letting her set a scene on the moon. NatalieKaneDirector.com, @nataliekane1323

A portrait of Sandy Lam. An Asian American Woman with long, black, straight hair. She has a dark green shirt on and has a black background behind her.

Sandy Lam

Sandy Lam (she/they) is a queer, female-identifying, Asian American storyteller. She is particularly passionate about creating and amplifying stories that explore Asian American identity, culture, belonging, and healing. They've previously self-produced, written, and performed in their semi-autobiographical play “So Lucky,” and has had their short play “Twitter Feed” produced by Theatre Three and New Manifest Theatre. She also enjoys creating spaces for connection and learning through community gatherings, which she has hosted in collaboration with organizations such as Austin Emerging Arts Leaders and the Austin Asian American Film Festival. Sandy hopes to discover a dinosaur on the moon someday (maybe she already has.) @soundlysandy